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Who We Help

Porto Charities, Inc. is an IRS Internal Revenue Code § 501(c) (3) charitable organization dedicated to actively assisting people with developmental or intellectual disabilities; their community and their environment   Our Mission:

    • Raise and provide funds, resources, assistance, education, residences and overall improved quality of life for people with developmental or intellectual disabilities
    • Promote education, awareness, friendship and social forums among members, their families and the community.



Profile–Sean & Tasha

Sean and Tasha are the son and daughter of Patrick and Brenda and Chuck and Sara, respectively . Both families have been Porto 104 and Porto Charities members respectively for several years, each introduced to Porto through the parents’ group at the Options program at Paul VI Catholic High School. Sean and Tasha met in the Options Program during their freshman year and the rest has been history!

Those who know Sean can tell you about his 4 great loves: sports, weather, Shakira, and Tasha! Sean has always loved sports, whether pro football on TV—he can tell you the name of every quarterback—or participating in some way. Sean has played a variety of sports through Special Olympics and Challenger leagues, and has gone to the S.O. State games several times. His love of football is unrivaled; he was manager for his high school team at Paul VI and now manages the club team at George Mason University. Sean also wrestled at the JV level for Paul VI for two years and currently serves as manager for GMU’s wrestling team.

Sean is currently a sophomore at GMU in the LIFE program and lives in a townhouse with 4 other students. He hopes to channel his love of weather into a career. After his long days at school Sean relaxes by listening to music, usually Shakira. Sean seems to have found the perfect balance and really enjoys college life.

Sean has accomplished much in his young life, but one recent event shows his dedication to the community that surrounds him: he was recently awarded the rank of Eagle Scout!

Tasha graduated from the Options Program at PVI. Tasha loved her years at PVI and while she took many different classes, her favorites were math, P.E., and anything having to do with food. She was also involved in S.O. sports and loved playing soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, and track & field in the spring, attending the S.O. State games several times. During her junior and senior years, Tasha was an assistant manager for the PVI Varsity Volleyball team—she absolutely loved all the girls and her favorite thing was to use the score machine during practice and games. This is a result of her great interest in electronics: she can’t live without her laptop and iTouch! She uses them to surf the web looking for restaurant menus and to watch numerous YouTube videos—cartoons or movie clips. She also loves to watch full-length movies—she has recently discovered Netflix!—or listen to music of all kinds: she lovesDisney songs as much as she loves Green Day.

Tasha is currently learning different job skills so that she can find gainful employment. So far her favorite job is food preparation.

Sean and Tasha met freshmen year at PVI, where they shared most of the same classes, including group prayer time. Tasha would always include Sean in her prayer requests, while sports-minded Sean would only pray for the latest injured athlete. One day Mrs. Gregory, one of their teachers then, mentioned to Sean that it was so sweet that Tasha prayed for him every day, and the wheels beg


an to turn. According to their records, they started dating October 25th—from then on, they were an official couple!

During their time at PVI, Sean and Tasha attended school events, including homecoming events, Marathon Madness, school plays, and Special Olympics dances. Senior year was a flurry of activity, including prom, where Tasha was crowned queen, and graduation.

During their PVI years and after, Sean and Tasha have gone on movie, dinner dates, and getting together at Porto functions, but one of their favorites is watching F.C. Barcelona soccer games.

Their loyalty and dedication to each other is stronger than ever. They celebrated their 5th anniversary this past October and couldn’t be happier. When asked about Sean’s long term plans, he is very specific—graduate from GMU, get a job, and MARRY TASHA! Will Tasha say “yes”??

Profile – Megan

Meagan, born in Alexandria Hospital in 1988, is the 23 year-old daughter of Bill and Marla.

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Profile – Michael

Support Special Olympics and help us give the power of sport to more people with intellectual disabilities.

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Herald Article

Since 1959, Porto Charities, Inc. and Porto 104 (our sister organization) have been the recipients of funds from second collections at our local parishes in support of the intellectually disabled. These donations have totaled $3.9 million during this period. We donate 100% of what we receive and all the funds are used within the local area.

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