Profile – Megan

Meagan, born in Alexandria Hospital in 1988, is the 23 year-old daughter of Bill and Marla.

Meagan lives in Virginia with her parents and she has two older brothers (Chris and Scott), a sister-in-law (Lauren), and two cats (Gato and Calvin).

Meagan attended local elementary and middle schools in Virginia and then she transferred to the Options Program at Paul VI Catholic High School (PVI). Meagan always enjoyed school, but she especially enjoyed her time at PVI. In addition to participating in many school activities, she flourished in the inclusive environment that PVI promotes. Meagan attended Davis Career Center for one year after she graduated from PVI.

Meagan now works at Wildflour Caterers where she sews aprons, decorates gift baskets and note cards though she occasionally works on catering assignments too. Meagan works 20+ hours a week and she takes Metro Access to work each day. Meagan has been at Wildflour Caterers for 1½ years and she loves her work – she especially enjoys working with so many of her school friends.

Meagan participates in a number of activities and she plays a number of sports in Special Olympics. Her favorite sport is track and field. She represented our area (26) in track and field at the Special Olympics State Games in Richmond on numerous occasions. Her interests include listening to music, watching DVDs (especially the I love Lucy series), and dancing. She especially enjoys the summer when she frequently vacations in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She also looks forward each summer to attending St. Elizabeth’s camp at Shrine Mont.

Meagan is a special child that brings love and laughter to everyone that she meets!