Profile – Education Aid

The Catholic schools in the Diocese of Arlington would not be able to function at the academic level that they do if it were not for the constant and generous support of various donors and sponsors.
Porto Alhambra Chapter 104 (sister organization to Porto Charities) has been fundraising and championing Catholic education for students with special needs since 1961.They have contributed to many special needs programs in the Diocese of Arlington, such as the Paul VI Catholic High Schools Options Program, the new Options Program at Pope John Paul the Great High School and the Evangelist Program at St. Mark School. Keyboards for Kids is another initiative that Porto Alhambra 104 has fostered. $10,000 each year is donated for assistance technology for students with disabilities. The Office of Catholic Schools would like to take a moment and recognize the support of Porto Alhambra 104. Please join us in thanking them for all they have done for Catholic education!