Herald Article

Since 1959, Porto Charities, Inc. and Porto 104 (our sister organization) have been the recipients of funds from second collections at our local parishes in support of the intellectually disabled. These donations have totaled $3.9 million during this period. We donate 100% of what we receive and all the funds are used within the local area.

In the early years, the collections were done outside the Masses at the parishes. For the past 21 years, a second collection has been authorized by the Diocesan Bishops and individual parishes/pastors have been encouraged to approve and participate in this endeavor.

We support seventeen groups, all 501 ( c ) (3) organizations, dedicated to acceptance of and improvement in the lives of the intellectually disabled.

We want to extend a special thanks to all the parishioners who have donated to these second collections since it is their continued goodness and generosity which allows this support to continue to grow.

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